Spy Bubble Cellphone Spyware Review Free Download

Spy Bubble is the latest company to enter the booming spy app industry. Their spy app supports all the most popular smart phones such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Symbian.

Spy Bubble Risk Free Download

Here is a list of features offered by Spy Bubble’s spy app.

GPS Tracking – As with other spy apps, this feature enables you to secretly track the cell phone that has Spy Bubble installed.
View Text Messages – Full contents of incoming and outgoing text messages are recorded and uploaded to your account.

View Call Logs – View call logs such as incoming & outgoing call data, time of call, & length of call.

View Phone Book – Find out all the cell numbers that are stored on the phone’s address/phone book.
Other features include:

60 day money back guarantee - This feature is probably the one that make Spy bubble out stand out from other alternatives. Prior to Spy Bubble, the average return policy ranged from 3 – 10 days for other similar software. I endorse Spy Bubble for the long trial period it offers. It takes time to install and test a right spy app, so it is nice to know you have 2 months to fully test its function.

Install on unlimited device - other than an employer who wants to install a spy application to all their company issued cell phones, not sure who would need an unlimited license, but this feature is offered by Spy Bubble.

The way Spy Bubble works is similar to other spy Apps - Mobile Spy or mobile stealth. You simply download the app directly from the cellphone that you want to spy on, run the installation package, and then Spy Bubble will secretly start to record a variety of events that occur on the cell. The logs are then uploaded secretly to your account (this is setup by the time of purchase) and after setting the intervals, you will be given access to a ton of data collected from the cell.

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The Good: Spy Bubble has an industry best 60 day return policy and they let you to install Spy Bubble on an unlimited number of mobile phones. This makes it perfect for anyone who needs to monitor or track multiple phones. For example employers who need a spy app for all of their company issued cell phones, and parents having several children will love this feature.

The Bad: When Compare Spy Bubble with other spy app (such as Stealth and Mobile Spy), SpyBubble must come soon with more features. Tracking a cell phone, reading text messages, and view call logs are features that were cool 2-3 years ago. If Spy Bubble is not releasing an update soon, I feel some of its users will try other apps.

CONCLUSION: If you need to spy or track several mobile phones, or if you are not sure if you are able to install a spy software on your target cell phone, Spy Bubble's unlimited license and 60 day return policy is reviewed to be your first choice. You should look at new features release of Spy Bubble to make sure you got the most updated apps in the market.

Spy Bubble Risk Free Download