SpyBubble Free Trial - Monitor your Children Cellphone Activities ensure CellSafety

SpyBubble CellSafety provides parents with software tools to protect their children from the danger presented by texting and driving and online activities conducted from a cell phone.
  • Monitor your children for any phone activites
  • Protects against Cyber bullying
  • Protects against Cyber predators
  • Blocks pornography
It allows parents to send cease and desist messages to offenders. The service also lets parents set up no-texting zones, cell phone curfews, see location history, and set speeding alerts.

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The Best Mobile Monitoring

CellSafety constantly monitors your child's activity on the following channels:
  • All messaging & chat tools (SMS, AIM, Yahoo, skype, etc.)
  • All social networks(facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.)
  • Any & all websites (flickr, youtube, last.fm, etc.) 

Simple to Use and Set Up

CellSafety's patented technology empowers you to:
  • Monitor all activity on your child's cell phone.
  • Receive instant alerts on your cell phone when suspicious or dangerous activity is detected.
  • Locate your child or phone anywhere, instantly.
  • Just download, install, and we do the rest!

Protect Your Children and Monitor their Cell Phone Activity. Click here to Download SpyBubble Today!